Meet Raymond

"To look at my sea paintings is to see the breath of Mother Nature each one illuminated in tranquil dunescapes, poignantly preserving a sense of breathtakingly beautiful isolation, of sunlight reflecting off moving sands and of dune grass blending in rhythm with the waves."

"The goal in my work is not only to create a painting, but to discover who I am as an artist."

Raymond is from Gary, Indiana, and received many art awards while in high school.  He received his BS in art education from Indiana State University and went on to earn an MS in art education from Indiana University, Bloomington.  He has taught high school art for the past 38 years.  He was the lead teacher for the gifted and talented program at Purdue University for five years, during which time, he also taught painting and drawing at Purdue.  During his breaks, Raymond studied portraiture at the Art Student League of New York and at Pratt.  

Raymond is a creative and gifted artist who has won many art awards and much publicity both in the art field and teaching.  While he loves to paint water, he has become quite proficient in capturing the color, character and likeness of the individuals of whom he has painted.  For years, Raymond has studied portraiture under John Howard Sanden and Daniel Greene.  He was a member of the Portrait Club of New York and a participant in the National Portrait Seminars.  Portraits are often produced based on commission of referrals, but once in a while one may see a portrait of his based on pure inspiration and love of just painting a portrait.  


To view religious works by Raymond, CLICK HERE