Mary Magdalene

I have always wondered what happened to Mary Magdalene after Christ died and ascended into heaven.  Did she stay with the Apostles or go her own way?


Having taught art at Avon High School, Avon, IN. since 1985, my painting class in Jan. 2013 had many talented students.  One student in particular, Samantha, had pretty red hair and was religious, and very talented.  I usually paint one of my students to demonstrate the process of painting a portrait and decided to paint Samantha.  Mary Magdalene was still an interest to me, and I asked Samantha if she would mind if I painted her as Mary Magdalene for my demonstration.  She liked the idea and asked her parents for permission.  I posed Samantha, took a few photos and discussed the results with her.  We selected the pose most apppropriate to the concept of Mary Magdalene walking near the shores of galilee after the death of Christ.  I felt inspired painting Mary Magdalene, enjoyed the painting process and feel I captured her deep thoughts about her life spent with Jesus.

Christ on the Cross


Dreams are served up in a variety of timespans.  Some last mere seconds, while others last a much longer portion of one's sleep.  There are those that last a lifetime, like what happened to me.


I had a vision of the last five minutes Christ was alive on the cross, Dec. 26, 1989.  It came to me in my sleep; I thought it was a bad nightmare, but it lasted for hours.  I was shaking, and my pillow was wet with tears and sweat when I awoke.  I didn't want to go back to sleep and finish the dream, I was scared to death!


So incredibly vivid was the dream that three years later in 1991, using a 4'x5' canvas, I began painting the image that had embedded itself in my mind and soul.  Three months later, the painting entitled the "Last Five Minutes of Christ on The Cross" was finished.


The painting used no reference from books nor other paintings, but was painted totally from my vision, and I know that God guided my hand. Once in a while, I share this painting and the story to a church, students and interest groups. The viewers' responses are often very emotional and they thank me for sharing something so personal. I feel this painting is my masterpiece.


Spiritual Inspiration