See Raymond's work at Art Fairs, Shows and Galleries


Raymond exhibits his art in galleries, one-man shows and art fairs.

I enjoy exhibiting in art shows and fairs; for it is here that I meet the public, other artists and receive artistic exposure and feedback.  Art shows display one or two pieces of the artist's finest works, and art fairs display many works of the artist.  Both have their unique value and benefits.  Sometimes, I have one man shows in galleries, which last about one month.  The reception, exposure and sales target a select group of viewers, but truly have its artistic value.  I enjoy and appreciate all art exhibits and value all participating artists and the organizational staff, which sponsor the shows.  Some of the shows, but not all, that I have entered are:


Penrod Art Festival, Talbot Street Art Festival, Chesterton Art Fair, Lake Front Festival of Arts, Buffalo Grove, Gold Coast, Hoosier Salon, Slope Art Gallery, etc...

Art fair display

My Studio


To walk into my studio and gallery is to be wrapped in a warm embrace by the people, places, scenes, etc. that, through the years, have inspired me to produce my art.  Subject matter varies, and each subject presents its own challenges, creative approach and rewarding results.  Subjects could be the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, Cape Cod, canals of Venice, villages of Peru, casual people of Europe or here in the USA, students, pets and the free spirit of running horses.  I love to paint with passion, express my creativity on canvas and explore new outlets of my talent.  I paint what inspries me and often paint what I picture in my mind, for it is here that I achieve 100% creativity.  Commissions are often accepted and fully guaranteed for satisfaction.  I have very high expectations for myself and for my clients.